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You certainly have done it again.
Great job. You are an amazing animator and you choose such awesome topics to animate. Keep up the great work. I expect to see another such amazing flash soon i hope?

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I have a cartoon called "Sliver" in the works which despite only being a tiny bit done, is 10x nicer looking than any of my cartoons.

B.Y.O.B. Collab B.Y.O.B. Collab

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Sometimes i wonder.

Though i gave the anim a good mark, it just bothers me sometimes that some people are as ignorant as yourselves. Thats not even the message that SOAD was trying to portray. Let alone, its funny to think that people today still think that we went to war over oil.

Its not your fault youve been lied to.
And its not your fault for not trying to find the own damn facts for yourself.

Ignorant Sons Of Bitches.

Nice collab tho. its not like we have at least a thousand of them anyway.

Sock Episode 3 Sock Episode 3

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You have some wierd dreams man. hehe

Irving Irving

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How do you come up with somethin like that. thats fuckin hillllllllllarious. hes like an emo bee! haha thats socially awkward.

BadGuys BadGuys

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Ales and whores for EVERYONE!

No Man's Land Flash Anime No Man's Land Flash Anime

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That was fucking beautiful. Nuff sed.

Synergy 2 Synergy 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Teh Pwnzor

J00 are teh 1337zorness. Luv the vids, way too many fbf collabs but these 2 are pretty gut. Nice directin and funny choice for the credits song. Overall a 5/5.

Daily2oon09042005 Daily2oon09042005

Rated 2 / 5 stars

chubby secks


Neglected Sky Neglected Sky

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


well i just have a couple things to say.
first off, most of the ozone depletions come from the chlorine emitted in the antarctic atmosphere causing the O3 molecules to go to hell. And second off, the ozone is actually replenishing so theres no big point to even make a big fanatisism about this whole thing. I think you wasted your time unless you are a tree hugger and decide that we should ride bikes 30 miles on a commute. And who paints their house with spray paint anyway? I mean if i was painting my house i wouldnt use that. Besides the point. It was an ok flash i guess. I really dont see what people see, and im not just saying this to be a jerk. And. I dont know what im saying. In fact i just have one more point to make and that is that the postal sux. they are by far the worst band ever. and if you wanna make a ozone hugger movie, use a different song. and um... no im not canadian. (Just thought id throw that out there). and um no im not a lumber jack either. and yes i have a life, and no you cant have my phone number, and no i didnt like your movie and this is a round about way of saying that the sooner the ozone is depleted the happier i am so i dont have to listen to people talk about how the ozon is being depleleted.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love your animation so much. The way you portray an idea is so awesome. I love your work and you should do more work more often cuz it makes me happy everytime i see your movies.